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24th November 2017

Winter is beginning to take hold and the year is beginning to draw to a conclusion. 
Work on the course has been continual as we strive to improve all areas of the course. 
some facts and figures for you in terms of sand applications to the putting surfaces over the past 12 months....

on the 14/2/17

on the 8/3/17

on the 22/8/17

on the 7/9/17

on the 4/10/17

Giving us a grand total of 119 tonnes of Hugh King washed dune sand applied to the main greens only!!

60 tonne currently sits in stock and its hoped we will put on more the coming 12 months and the target is 130 tonnes.

Aeration on the greens has taken place by many different appliances but work has been carried out ...

  1. Air 2G2 x 2 times
  2. 13mm Solids to 4" depth x3 times
  3. 8mm solid terraspike to 8" depth 10% heave
  4. 10mm solid terraspike to 6" depth 20% heave
  5. 3/4 "solid terraspike x 1 8" depth 15% heave
  6. 14mm solids to 5"depth 
  7. 3/4" solid tine to 8" depth with 10% heave
  8. Sarel roll to 2" depth x8 times over the year.

Aeration has went to plan and disruption has been at a very minimum. Organic build up again has been reduced on average from 6% to 5.2% on the top 5omm so we are getting it right. Just a case of keep going, keep moving water through the profile by creating more air pockets.

Nutrition is still very much played in a way of feed when necessary in regards to what the plants needs and with tournament allowances in mind, this will continue next season and we will carefully and strategically plan our feeding programmes around fixtures and hope the weather lends a hand!!

Bunker improvement will continue as you will have seen if you've been on the course recently, our aim is to make bunkers better to play from and fairer while also still allowing the golfer to take their medicine as such, this is the targets.

Can I remind all golfers of our basic rules for winter play here at banchory .....

  • Play from mats on tees, fairways and first cut of rough.
  • Please adhere to all traffic control measures
  • Please do not practice or stand on the 1st Tee area when its out of play
  • If asked to play from a mat you must play from the mat not just in front or just behind!

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