Groundhog Day anyone??

we sat here in 2018 wondering what was going to happen and will we get spring, 2019 is similar but the current east winds that stopped the "standard" spring are now doing their best to curtail any growth.

There is very little growth, seed has been planted, granule fertiliser is sitting doing more harm than good but lets look at the bright side!! It's allowing us to continue winter type work and repairing fences, turfing and bunker work.

Bunker sand is being topped up again this week ahead of our first open competition, green speeds are being monitored due to little growth as we could have rapid greens if we mismanaged it !

Demo lighting Rig is helping us with shade issues on the course and my indebted thank to TLS for this, definitely something a golf course should look at, I say to my guys often "how good do you want the course to be?" maybe I need to ask that question in other directions!

Will Swan golf Architect will be on site soon in an attempt to have a master plan regarding the future of bunkers. We would like plans in place no matter who is at the helm that we can redevelop and reposition and restyle them all.

Tough task though

Richard Mullen
Course Manager
April 2019

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